SpaceX, SES Sign Satellite Launch Deal, First To Use Returned Rocket

Hawthorne-based SpaceX, and Luxembourg-based SES have announced a new launch deal this morning, where SpaceX will launch the SES-10 satellite into orbit on a Falcon 9 rocket. According to the companies, the launch will be the very first to re-use the booster stage of the Falcon 9, using one of the rocket boosters successfully returned to earth by SpaceX. The two said the launch is expected in Q4 of this year. SpaceX and SES--which are calling the used rocket booster "flight-proven"--said that successfully re-launching the rocket will be an important milestone to complete and rapid reusability of the Falcon 9, which would dramatically lower costs of launches. The SES-10 will be delivered into geostationary orbit to provide satellite connectivity across Latin America. Financial details of the launch deal were not announced.


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