SpaceX Launches Dragon Music Video

You've just spent millions developing your own rocket to launch to space, created your own space capsule, convinced NASA to let you launch it into space, and have astronauts connect it to the International Space Station. What do you do next? Create a highlights video, set to music -- of course. SpaceX sent out a link to its music video on Tuesday afternoon, highlighting the launch of its last mission, the first time a privately developed, commercial vehicle docked with the ISS. SpaceX has arguably been one of the most successful, Southern California technology startups to rise to prominence in the last few years, tackling a truly difficult technical problem: sending cargo (and eventually, people) to space. The startup is headed by tech mogul Elon Musk, known for co-founding PayPal and Tesla Motors. The firm is now working on both a larger version of its rocket, and preparing for manned missions, in addition to a regular run of supply runs to the ISS.


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