SpaceX Leasing New Space To Refurbish Rockets

Hawthorne-based SpaceX is gearing up to refurbish its growing collection of rocket boosters, and plans to lease a building in Port Canaveral, Florida, for those efforts, according to a report. A local Florida publication says that SpaceX has had to lease more room, as it has been successfully landing Falcon 9 rocket boosters. The company as six of those boosters that have been successfully returned to earth so far in one piece. SpaceX is planning to refurbish and relaunch those boosters, which--if successful--could dramatically cut the already relatively low costs of launching its vehicles into space. The new building in Florida has 52,000 square foot of space for those rocket refurbishment operations. Image: SpaceX's collection of rocket boosters in May, before it started running out of storage space.


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