SpaceX Rolls Out Space Vehicle

Hawthorne-based Space eXploration Technologies (SpaceX), the rocket firm backed by Elon Musk, said Monday that the firm has introduced a new, reusable spacecraft as part of its set of products. SpaceX said the new product is aimed at providing a platform for in-space experimentation, both in a pressurized and unpressurized environment. The firm said the new spacecraft is designed to launch on its Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The new product is aimed at providing cargo service to the International Space Station; SpaceX already has a contract with NASA to launch supplies to the ISS as part of NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) competition. SpaceX finally managed to launch its Falcon 1 rocket to orbit on September 28th, it's fourth try. The firm said it now has more than 550 employees.