SpaceX's Elon Musk Rides To 787 Rescue

Can Elon Musk, the technology mogul behind SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and SolarCity help solve the battery problems dodging Boeing and its troubled 787 Dreamliner? It appears that Musk might be riding to the rescue, saying on Twitter over the weekend that he is "corresponding" with the 787's Chief Engineer to help the airplane maker with its battery issues. Musk had said earlier this month that Tesla and SpaceX are "happy to help" solve issues with the 787's Lithium ion batteries.

Tesla has been a pioneer in applying Lithium-ion battery technology in its electric cars, and Musk is no stranger to the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry, having built up SpaceX from a startup to launching--successfully--a rocket and spacecraft into space, almost single-handedly changing the model for reaching space.

Boeing, Tesla, and SpaceX have been mum on any official links between the companies or any formal agreement. Boeing's 787 has been grounded indefinitely while the company sorts out its battery issues.