SpaceX Selects Texas For Launch Facility

Hawthorne-based commercial rocket development firm SpaceX--which is led by tech mogul Elon Musk--is setting up a commercial spaceport in Texas, after a number of incentives offered by the state to attract the firm. SpaceX has been looking at Texas for a commercial launch facility since 2012, when it told the FAA it would seek private site in that state. The State of Texas said it will offer up $2.3M from its Texas Enterprise Fund to bring the SpaceX commercial rocket facility to the sate, in addition to $13M to help spaceport development in Cameron County, where the site is located. SpaceX also has plans to launch rockets in California, at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Most of SpaceX's recent launches have been from Cape Canaveral, and its design and development has been in Southern California.


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