SpaceX Set For Next Resupply Mission For NASA

NASA said late Thursday that it has set a new date for the next SpaceX resupply mission, and is targeting Friday, March 1st for the resupply flight to the International Space Station. Space Exploration Technologies, the commercial rocket and spaceflight firm based in Hawthorne, and headed by technology mogul Elon Musk, has seen huge success in its goal of developing its rocket and spacecraft technology to deliver supplies--and eventually, people--to space.

NASA said that the new resupply mission will deliver about 1,200 pounds of supplies for the space station. Those supplies will be used for experiments and the station's crew, and is expected to dock with the ISS on March 2nd. NASA will also be taking advantage of the capability of returning samples to earth--something it has been unable to do since the retirement of the space shuttle--in the SpaceX Dragon capsule.

As a bonus to this mission, NASA also announced that it would be inviting fifty, social media users to apply for credentials to the launch. NASA said those social media users will be selected to attend and will get the same access as journalists to the launch mission. NASA has been making a concerted effort to gain social media coverage with its program.