SpaceX Signs Intelsat For Falcon Heavy

Hawthorne-based SpaceX, the developer of commercial space rockets and space vehicles, has signed on its first commercial contract for its Falcon Heavy, with Intelsat, the satellite communications firm, the two said this morning. SpaceX--which is riding high from its successful launch and docking with the International Space Station last week--will provide its Falcon Heavy for unspecified future business with Intelsat. Intelsat is one of the leading firm which launches communications satellites into orbit, connecting them with other infrastructure for video, data, and voice transmission. Financial details of the contract were not disclosed. Falcon Heavy, which is currently under development, is SpaceX's effort to create the most powerful rocket since the Saturn V moon rocket. SpaceX said its Falcon heavy will be able to lift 53 metric tons (117,000 pounds) to low Earth orbit, and over 12 metric tons (26,000 pounds) to GTO (Geostationary transfer orbit)--the orbit which is used by most communications satellites. The two said the Falcon Heavy will allow for the launch of the largest satellites ever flown into space.