SpaceX Supply Run Set For Sunday

Commercial spacecraft and rocket developer SpaceX is getting set to launch its first, official resupply mission to the International Space Station Sunday, to deliver 1,000 pounds of supplies to the station's crew. The launch--the first actual supply run to the ISS by SpaceX--is expected to takeoff at 8:35PM EDT on Sunday, October 7th. The first mission comes as a result of the resounding success of the SpaceX docking mission in May, which made history as the first time a privately owned, commercial developed rocket and capsule was able to launch and dock with the ISS. SpaceX said that if all goes as planned, its Dragon capsule will arrive at the ISS on Wednesday, and will stay at the station for two weeks, with return on October 28th. The flight is the first of a minimum of 12 flights contracted by NASA with SpaceX, under an effort to be able to deliver and return cargo from the ISS. NASA has been unable to do so here in the U.S. since the retirement of the Space Shuttle.


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