Sphero Adds R2-D2 To Droid Lineup

In a move first spawned out of the Disney Accelerator in Burbank a few years ago, robotic toy developer Sphero announced a new set of robotic toys in its partnership with Disney, including a faithful-looking and -sounding reproduction of R2-D2. According to Sphero, it is rolling out two new robotic toys, R2-D2 and BB9-E, a new droid from "The Last Jedi". Sphero released a detailed launch video on the new robots on Thursday. Sphero first connected with Disney at the Disney Accelerator, when it was run by Techstars, after being discovered by Bob Iger. The Disney-Sphero connection--the most successful collaboration so far out of the Disney Accelerator--came after Iger suggested Sphero develop a version of the robotic "BB-8" droid, head of the new Star Wars films.