Spruce Looks To Help Men Be More Fashionable With App

Are you a man who wishes he could keep up with the latest fashion trends? A new startup--out of the USC Viterbi Startup Garage--has a new mobile app for you. Spruce has launched a brand new app for the iPhone, which is aimed at helping men discover what the startup calls "amazing" products. The startup said it is a store for men that adapts to a man's style, price, and brand preferences. The startup uses thumbs-up and thumbs-down votes to help learn a user's preferences, and then tailors the products it finds and presents to the user. The app also includes a "trending" screen to help users find the newest, fashionable products for men -- whether that's the latest shoes, watches, suits, sunglasses, cars, or more. The company said it is backed by United Talent Agency and KPCB, the two investors behind USC's Viterbi Startup Garage, which is aimed at helping engineering co-founded or led technology companies out of USC come to life. Spruce is led by Jonathan Sutherland.