Studios Announce Next Generation DVD Titles

Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox have begun introducing titles for the next generation HD DVD and Blu-ray disk format, even as the two industry formats continue to fight it out for mindshare. Paramount Pictures is launching ten new titles this morning at CES for both Blu-ray and HD-DVD, and Twentieth Century Fox launched twenty titles for the Blu-ray format last night. Paramount said that the titles in its release include Four Brothers, Sahara, The Italian Job, Tomb Raider, U2 Rattle and Hum, the Manchurian Candidate and others, with plans to roll out additional titles in 2006 for both formats. Twentieth Century Fox, claiming Blu-ray has superior high definition audio and video, released Blu-ray only titles including the Fantastic Four, Ice Age, Behind Enemy Lines, and Kiss of the Dragon. The HD DVD and Blu-ray groups have been in a battle reminiscent of the VHS versus Betamax battle for who will be the next generation DVD format.


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