Studios Ship Blu-ray Disc Titles

A number of studios announced a flurry of new titles for the new Blu-ray disk format today. Los Angeles-based Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment said today that it will ship its first Blu-ray Disc titles in November. The firm said that it will release eight titles, including Behind Enemy Lines, Fantastic Four, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Speed, and several other titles. The studio also said it will release Ice Age: The Meltdown concurrently with the DVD release on November 21st. MGM also announced four titles, including Usual Suspects, Windtalkers, Rocky, and Bullet Proof Monk. Warner Home Video is hedging its bets, and has announced six Blu-ray disks and four HD-DVD disks for release, including library titles Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, Swordfish, Space Cowboys, and other titles. Blu-ray is battling it out with HD-DVD over which format will dominate next generation DVD.


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