Surf Air Expands To Hawthorne, Palm Springs

Los Angeles-based Surf Air, the membership-based, all-you-can fly airline headed by Wade Eyerly, has extended out its footprint today, saying that it has added another aircraft and expanded service to Hawthorne and Palm Springs. The startup airline said the move adds nearly 50 percent more capacity for the company, and also makes it easier for people on the Westside of Los Angeles to access the company's services. Surf Air is catering to Southern California's high tech, startup community with all-you-can-fly service to the San Francisco Bay area. The airline avoid the lines, traffic, and hassle of large airports by operating out of smaller, regional airports.

Surf Air had initially launched with flights out of Burbank in June, and also has been serving the Santa Barbara market since July. The airline lets members buy the right to pre-schedule a number of slots for flights, with no overall limit to traveling between the company's airports. Surf Air said new flights in Hawthorne will start on December 9th, and Palm Springs will start on December 12th. The new Hawthorne location will help specifically with Surf Air's clientele on the Westside of Los Angeles, as Hawthorne is much easier to get to from the Westside compared with Burbank.