Surf Air Links Up With Snack, Beverage Companies

Flying between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, and have the nibbles? Los Angeles-based all-you-can-fly, membership-based airline Surf Air said today that it has linked up with a number of snack and beverage brands, as part of its service, and will be featuring those brands as part of its flights. Surf Air said it has inked deals with Baking Tins Desserts, Burst Foods, IZZE Sparkling Juice, KIND Healthy Snacks, nekter, Paso Almonds, popchips, and Waiakea water. All of the food and beverage brands will be offered up to members as part of its flights. Surf Air offers up direct flights between Burbank and Silicon Valley, as well as Santa Barbara and Silicon Valley, and is targeting its membership service to the many, frequent technology and other executives who travel back and forth between the areas on a frequent basis. The company is using local airports--and private executive terminals--to help its members avoid the hassles of dealing with security lines, crowded and cramped airplanes, and other perils of the normal commercial airline experience. The company is led by Wade Eyerly.


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