SweetLabs Links With Social Games Developer Kabam

San Diego-based SweetLabs, the developer of the Pokki desktop app environment, said yesterday that it has linked with social games developer Kabam, to bring that firm's social games to the desktop. The two said that Kabam's popular social games Dragons of Atlantis, Edgeworld, and The Godfather: Five Families all have been launched on the Pokki platform. SwwetLabs' Pokki provides an app-like environment for PCs. In conjunction with the launch SweetLabs also said it is running another, $50,000 contest to spur game developers to create games for Pokki; winners will be awarded in March. SweetLabs launched Pokki earlier this year to bring a smartphone-like app experience to desktops, and expansion beyond its OpenCandy advertising network. The venture backed firm is headed by Darrius Thompson, who previously co-founded DivX.


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