Taco Bell Jumps On Virtual Reality Bandwagon, To Give Away A Playstation VR

Irvine-based fast food chain Taco Bell is jumping into the world of virtual reality, saying today that it will give away the chance to win a PlayStation VR to consumers who visit its stores, before the device ships to the general public. Taco Bell said it will offer up a special code in its "Taco Bell Big Box" that consumers can text to the company, to get a chance to win a PlayStation VR headset ahead of its public release. Those codes will be available starting today, through October 19th. Taco Bell also has launched a "pop-up" store in New York City featuring demonstrations of the PlayStation VR and a number of virtual reality games, in addition to its food. Taco Bell said it decided to run the Virtual Reality giveaway away because it's a brand that "lives at the intersection of food and culture"--the new giveaway also is a further collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, which it also partnered with a similar Limited Edition Gold PS4 Bundle giveaway last year.


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