Taxi Magic Looks To LA Market With Free Rides

Look out, Uber--another, smartphone-driven ride service, Taxi Magic, is looking to get into the Los Angeles market, saying that it will offer up free rides to people in Los Angeles who need a ride, starting on Tuesday (April 22nd) and running until Friday, April 25th. According to Ride Charge, the Virginia company behind the Taxi Magic app, everyone in Los Angeles who books a ride with the app for the rest of the week will ride free, as long as they include a special code (TAXIBACK) in their booking--and the rides cost less than $15.00. Taxi Magic joins a long list of smartphone-driven ride services and taxi apps -- including not only Uber, but also Lyft, Sidecar, and Flywheel--trying to gain mindshare in the Los Angeles market. All of those services--with the exception of Flywheel--are fighting the local, incumbent taxi and transportation services already serving the LA market.


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