Tealium Takes On Web Tags

San Diego-based Tealium, a firm started by Websidestory/Visual Sciences/Omniture vets, said today that it has launched a product to help web marketers manage their digital marketing products. The firm said its Tealium iQ software allows marketers to easily add, remove, and modify web page tags which are used for data collection, measurement, behavioral target, and online optimization. Those tags are used for web analytics, affiliate marketing, retargeting, and more. The firm said it is looking to reduce the amount of IT involvement required to manage digital marketing tags on web sites; the firm's clients include companies like YellowPages, Cisco, American Greetings, Best Buy,, and Hasbro. Telium's co-founders are Mike Anderson and Ali Benham, both of whom worked on the HBX web analytics software.


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