Tech Coast Angels Invests $4.5M In First Half Of 2012

The Tech Coast Angels said today that it has totalled up its investments for the first half of 2012, and found that it invested $4,571,000 in direct investments--as part of $10M in funding--for 17 companies. The angel investment group, which is the largest in Southern California, as well as the nation, said firms receiving funding from the group included Active Life Scientific, Cadence Biomedical, Cashie Commerce, Cognition Therapeutics, Emerald Logic, ExtendCredit, Gemmus Pharma, GridTest Systems, H2scan, Hipmunk, Pagewoo, PetPlay, Social Annex, Social Rewards, ViroPan, Vokle, and Wasatch Microfluidics. Some, but not all of those fundings had been announced earlier. The group said that investments were fairly consistent compared with the same period in 2011, when it invested $4.4M in 17 companies. As part of the deal information, the Tech Coast Angels said it specifically is looking to support th enew accelerators and incubators in Southern California with investments. More information »