Tech Coast Angels Opens Westlake/SB Arm, Shows 2004 Investments

The Tech Coast Angels has released its 2004 investment figures, saying that the angel group invested $6.56M in seed and early stage capital in 2004. The angel investment network, the most active in the Southern California area, also said that it has opened a new Westlake/Santa Barbara network headed by Gary Clark. As previously reported in socalTECH, the TCA has invested in Angstrom Pharmaceuticals, Cargotech, Ceyx Technologies, DAX Solutions, Diver Entertainment, H2Scan, LeisureLink, Luxim, Teresis Media, and Wispry. The group also revealed that it has invested in BlueBeam, Etronica, Meaning Masters, Opticon Medical, SpongeTech, and Vital Therapies. You can view a complete list of TCA funding rounds and companies at the subscription database at: More information »


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