Teeology Driven By Social Voting, Buzz

Los Angeles-based Teeology, the new luxury t-shirt service backed by tech entrepreneur Brian Lee, and co-founded by celebrity Jennifer Lopez, looks to have taken the idea of closely listening to your customers to heart, and is basing its business on social voting and social buzz. The company described its t-shirt selection process to its users this morning, saying it will offer up a range of themes that users can vote on for seven days, with a number of those designs selected based on votes and "social buzz". The winning t-shirt designs will be made available to users for purchase, along with what the company says are its "everyday basics". Teeology has tapped into founders Jennifer Lopez, Erica Zohar (fashion designer, American Groove), and Peter Kim (behind fashion design HUDSON) to help "curate" those designs, which are then presented to users to select.