Teleflip Raises Series A

Santa Monica-based Teleflip, a company that operates a service that allows business or consumer users to send an email that shows up as a message on a cell phone, has raised a Series A venture funding from GRP Partners, socalTECH has learned. Tony Davis, the firm's CEO, confirmed the funding last night, saying that the funding will be used to ramp the company. Amount of the funding was undisclosed. Teleflip has patented technology that allows anyone to send a email to, and have that email show up on any US or Canadian-based cell phone in seconds. No special software is needed by the sender or the cell phone recipient. The service works with web mail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, AOL, Outlook, and other email services, along with Blackberry, Treo, and other mobile platforms. The firm has been around since 2004, and recently added Davis as CEO. Steven Dietz, a partner at investor GRP, told socalTECH that the service is "like a poor man's Blackberry". More information »


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