Ten Startups Helping You Earn Money In Your Spare Time

Wish you could earn some extra dollars on the side? No, we're not talking "stuffing envelopes at home". There are now a large number of legitimate startups who are looking to help you make money in your spare time (or with your spare stuff), opening up a whole new world of ways to finding some spare change. Here are some of the peer to peer marketplaces who are active across Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and beyond) trying to bring their peer to peer marketplaces to consumers locally.

1. DogVacay

Love dogs? Why not watch one for someone else when they're on vacation and earn some extra money? DogVacay lets dog lovers offer up their home for dog sitting, connecting those dog lovers with others who are traveling and don't want to shuttle Fido off to an impersonal kennel. Instead, DogVacay connects dog owners with other dog owners, who will pet sit their dogs at home.

2. Airbnb

Have a spare bedroom? Make that spare bedroom earn some money, by lending it out to someone who needs a place to stay. Airbnb lets users offer up their spare room to travelers and others via its peer to peer marketplace. At least one local startup founder here has even used Airbnb to fund their startup--by sleeping on the couch and renting out her bedrooms to generate some startup funds.

3. Hubber

Tired of always paying lots for parking at LAX? Hubber has changed the equation, and instead of you paying for parking, it pays you to let travelers rent out your car while you're away. The company handles insurance, gassing up your car, and gives you a carwash--as well as gives you a cut of any rental fees it gets from people who drive your car while you're away.

4. Gigit

Do you have your own band, and wish you could get more gigs? Gigit lets musicians offer up their band for backyard concerts and parties, with its marketplace of musical acts. The marketplace lets people browse through a marketplace of musicians to find just the right act for your party, and helps manage all the booking online.

5. Sidecar

Heading across town, or maybe making a trip up to the Bay Area? Sidecar's mobile helps people find people to share a ride with others--and maybe also make some spare change at the same time.

6. Neighborgoods

Got a spare ladder in your garage? A breadmaker you aren't using? Neighborgoods lets you loan that out to other people--for a price, if you want--to your neighbors, saving the cost of having to buy a brand new item you'll only use once, and getting better use out of your items. Plus, that stuff you never, ever use in your attic might just earn you some extra money.

7. Supperking

Do you love cooking and meeting new people? SupperKing's mobile app let you offer up home cooked meals in your home--plus the opportunity to meet new people--not to mention, make some money. The app lets you set up dinners, attach a price, and offer that up to anyone interested in trying some new home-cooked food and meeting new people.

8. Lyft

Do you own a car, and have some spare time on your hands? Lyft, develops a mobile app which lets other people give other people users rides around town. The app and service has proven very popular with aspiring and current actors, who have been using the service as an alternative to the usual wait-at-tables and temping jobs while waiting for their big break.

9. Tradesy

If you're into fashion, you probably have a closet full of stuff you never wore, which might not fit you, or maybe which you'd just like to trade for different fashions. Tradesy lets you turn your closet into a source of cash, letting you offer up your fashionable clothing and other items to other, like minded individuals. The helps individuals offer up their designer clothing, bags, shoes, and even wedding dresses, to others in a peer marketplace.

10. TakeLessons

You really love music--you've got your own band, some gigs--but it's tough making a go of it. Maybe you can--if you know music well enough to teach it. TakeLessons helps you find music students eager to learn how to play the drum, piano, how to sing, and much more, connecting musicians with students who want to learn how to play their favorite instrument.

Did we miss your favorite peer-to-peer marketplace startup (particularly, one which serves or is based in Southern California?) Let us know in comments!

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