The Irvine Company Plans Widespread Battery Powered, Hybrid Electric Buildings

You might already drive a hybrid electric vehicle, but do you have your office in a hybrid electric buliding? Land and real estate developer The Irvine Company said this morning that it intends to create a "fleet" of hybrid-electric buildings, which all use Tesla Energy's new battery energy storage systems. The Irvine Company said that it will install Tesla's systems across its portfolio, starting with 24 office buildings in Irvie. The Irvine Company said the battery systems will be used both to offload peak daytime use of energy from the grid, as well as for power during power failures. The developers said the effort it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) on the deployment. The first phase is expected to provide up to 10 megawatts of reserve capacity to Southern California Edison, and will be installed by the end of the year. Tesla's battery energy storage systems use the same technology used in its vehicles--in fact, the same exact battery packs.


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