TOP NEWS To Wind Down Video Podcasting Network

There's a lot of startups being built in Los Angeles around content, and it appears the consensus is that you indeed, can create a big business around video for the web. But, apparently, that doesn't apply to a technology focused, online video casting network--at least, based on the announcement Friday by Jason Calacanis that is he winding down, the Los Angeles-based video podcasting firm known for "Kevin Pollak's Chat Show", "This Week In Music", "This Week in Venture Capital", and "This Week In Startups". Calacanis told his mailing list that--although they were able to get the company to break-even--they've decided that the company would not be able to scale, so it will be winding down, and giving its remaining funds back to its angel investors. ThisWeekIn had been particularly followed in Los Angeles, for its This Week In Venture Capital (hosted by Mark Suster) and This Week In Startups (hosted by Calacanis himself). Calacanis said that it didn't make sense to invested in a business which had "limited upside."