TigerText Enhances Secure Mobile Messaging App

Santa Monica-based TigerText, the enterprise, real-time messaging app developer led by Brad Brooks, has rolled out an update to its mobile messaging apps, which it says are specifically designed for the broader, enterprise market. The company said it completely redesigned its user interface, added advanced reporting, and other features which help improve usability of the product. TigerText also said the app makes it easier to associate users with organizations, better handles work environments with poor wireless connectivity, and more. TigerText's apps are aimed at the enterprise market, particularly in such areas as healthcare, finance, government, and legal industries; the company has specifically has a large amount of adoption in healthcare, where the company's tools are being used to keep healthcare providers compliant with HIPAA and other legal privacy requirements. The company's app is frequently used to replace insecure texting and SMS by employees.