Tinder Ranks Hottest College Campuses Via Right Swipe

Wonder where the most right-swiped men and women are on campus? Los Angeles-based Tinder said Wednesday that it has tallied up the number of swipes for college campuses around the U.S., ranking the top 50 campuses based on the number of right swipes. The mobile app developer--which has radically changed the way people find a hot date--uses "right swipe" to indicate people on the app that users would like to go out with. The top campuses for "right swiping" of women were Florida State University (1), the University of Miami (2), and the University of Mississippi (3); the top for men were Georgetown University (1), Brigham Young University (2), and the University of Notre Dame (3). Interestingly enough, in Southern California, the first on the list for women is all the way down at 14 (San Diego State University); the only other was 27 (University of Santa Barbara). For men there was only one area university on the list; number 35, the University of Southern California.