Tweetup Ties Twitter Client To TweetPhoto

Pasadena-based TweetUp, the Twitter advertising firm owned by Idealab, said today that it has linked its Twitter Client, Twidroyd, to the TweetPhoto media sharing service. Twitter said its client--which runs on Android devices--provides full integration of TweetPhoto, including uploading of photos, voting, commenting, and geo-tagging features. TweetUp bought Twidroid in July. The firm said it is among the "most used Twitter applications" across all platforms. The software, which includes both a free and a pro version, including ability to post Twitter messages, direct messaging, URL shortening, multiple language support, and other features.

TweetUp runs its own marketplace which allows Twitter users to bid on keywords and increase their ranking in searches for keywords and terms on certain websites and Twitter clients. The system allows users to pay for better placement and relevant positioning for individual tweets when searching on certain web sites like TechCrunch, Topix, and Businessinsider.