Twiistup Goes Upscale With The Retreat

Twiistup, known for its lavish Los Angeles technology networking conferences, announced today that it has launched a new, invite-only event called The Retreat. According to Twiistup, the new event will be co-hosted by by David Hornik of August Capital and Andy Sack of The Founder's Co-op, and will be limited to 85 people by invitation or application only. The event is scheduled for Dana Point, June 16-18th. Francisco Dao, who organizes Twiistup, said the exclusive event is somewhat patterned after "The Lobby", the exclusive networking event for Silicon Valley's elite in Hawaii, which is also hosted by David Hornik. Twiistup said the exclusive conference will not have formal speakers or sessions, but will instead include activities--such as meals, golf, and sailing--to encourage open discussion about new ideas and companies.