Two LA Residents Arrested In Craigslist Software Piracy Probe

The Software & Information Industry Association, the industry group which works to reduce software piracy on behalf of software publishers, reported this week that it has helped to get two, Los Angeles residents arrested for selling pirated and counterfeit software on Craigslist. The group said that its efforts have led to the arrest of Duong Tran and Huy Nguyen by the LAPD Tuesday, for allegedly distributing counterfeit Adobe, Rosetta Stone, Autodesk, Solidworks, and other software products through Craigslist. The SIIA claimed that the two collected more than $40,000 via PayPal for the illegal software, which they sold through Craigslist from their apartment near Chinatown. The SIIA said it was active looking to reduce piracy on Craigslist, which it says is a "fertile ground for software pirates looking to make quick money." The SIIA also claimed that much of the software sold on Craigslist is illegal, and that consumers are "likely getting ripped off" with unsupported and possibly non-working product.


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