UCSB Ties With Google, Intel, Others On Terabit Networking Effort

The University of California, Santa Barbara said Wednesday that it has launched a new research center, focused on developing next generation, terabit-speed networks. UCSB said the new Terabit Optical Ethernet Center (TOEC) has partnered with Google, Verizon, Intel, Agilent Technologies and Rockwell Collins on the research effort, and will focus on developing a technology to enable 1 Terabit Ethernet over optical fiber network by 2025, and 100 Terabit Ethernet by 2020. The new center will be directed by UCSB Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Daniel Blumenthal. USCB said that, by some estimates, in as little as give years current Ethernet technology will not be able to keep up with the speed and bandwidth required for applications like video and cloud computing, and distributed data storage.


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