Unusual Perk For SoCal Technology Firm: Unlimited, Paid Vacation

In what might be one of the more unusual perks for a Southern California high tech company, LRN, a developer of enterprise compliance and ethics software, has an unlimited, paid vacation policy. The firm's policy recently came to light in a WSJ article. The firm--which looks to be recruiting Java Developers, project managers, and UX/UI designers in its LA location--apparently lets employees take off as much time as they feel like they need, as one of the perks for working for the company. The benefit is unusual in what often seems to be an always-on, always-working, go-go environment in the Silicon Beach startup community. LRN--which is around the corner from UCLA--serves such customers as 3M, Dow, Johnson & Johnson, Loews, Pfizer and Siemens.


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