Venture Farm, Frontera Link Investment Efforts

Irvine-based Venture Farm and venture firm Frontera Group said Tuesday that the two firms are in a strategic alliance. Venture Farm and Frontera Group said that the two groups will co-invest in emerging companies that fit the Venture Farm model. Venture Farm is an early stage, seed investment fund headed by angel investor Sid Mohasseb, which is looking to invest in companies falling into the gap between angel and venture capital investors. The group is specifically focused on providing operational experience to early stage firms in addition to capital. Frontera Group is a boutique, venture firm investing in early-stage technology and consumer businesses; the group invests in firms which have already received angel funding but haven't yet raised venture capital. Frontera Group is managed by Eric Manlunas. Both Mohasseb and Manlunas are members of the Tech Coast Angels.


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