Veoh Spins Browser Add-On

San Diego- and Los Angeles- based video sharing site Veoh Networks is looking to have users continually view and find videos on the site in their web browser, saying today that it has rolled out a new web browser add-on. The firm said the new product, called the Veoh Video Compass, will instantly recommend online videos depending on what page a users is searching or browsing. Veoh said that the addon--which is available for Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7--will pull content form Veoh's site, along with partners like CBS, Viacom, and WB, depending on the context of what a user is viewing or searching for at the time in their browser. The firm's new software will also provide video recommendations based on the viewing behavior of other online video users.

Among uses of the new software are pulling relevant data when shopping on sites like; the firm gave the example of pulling up video game reviews when searching or browsing for a video game. Other examples were pulling up videos of President Obama when browing related content.


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