Viddy To Shut Down On December 15th

Viddy, once the hottest company in Los Angeles, and which had been for awhile calling itself the "next Instagram"--is shutting down its namesake app, as of December 15th. According to a Viddy blog post, Viddy pulled its app from the App Store and Google Play yesterday, and is giving users until December 15th to export any of their videos from the service. Supernova, the team behind Viddy, said it is retiring its apps Viddy, Epic, and Clique to focus instead of developing products for parent company Fullscreen. Fullscreen had acquired Viddy in January of 2014, after Viddy had already shifted its model and changed its name to Supernova. The Viddy app allowed users to capture 15 second videos of themselves and share them with others, ala Instagram. At one point, Viddy raised a huge, $30M funding round to further develop its app and service, only to recap and return $18M of that funding a year later as it failed to gain traction among users.