Wallaby Helps Consumers Find Credit Cards, Rewards With New Service

Wallaby Financial, the developer of credit card recommendation and other financial apps, said today that it has launched a brand new product to help consumers find the best credit cards for their needs. Wallaby, one of the startups out of LA's MuckerLab accelerator, said its new Wallaby Boost product helps recommend the ideal mix of credit cards for a users' needs. The new tool analyzes a consumer's spending, and combines it with rewards preferences, favorite airlines, and more, and cranks out suggestions for which cards a consumer ought to be carrying.

Wallaby, which is based in Pasadena and led by Matthew Goldman, has been developing Android and iPhone apps which help users decide what credit cards they ought to be using for a transaction, to optimize the level of rewards they earn. Wallaby's backers include Founders Fund Angel, WI Harper Group, SLP Ventures, Lion Wells Capital, Karlin Ventures, and others.


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