Wallaby Launches Samsung Gear App

Pasadena-based Wallaby, the credit card optimization app developer led by Matthew Goldman, has rolled out a new app for the wearable market--running on the Samsung Gear 2. Wallaby said its app helps users with real-time, financial decision making, which helps users figure out which credit card to use, monitor their credit card balances, and also helps them with other personal finance tasks. The app is the third, wearable app from Wallaby, which also recently released apps for Google Glass and Pebble. The app is free. Wallaby has been offers up a number of mobile apps which help users optimize the rewards they get from their credit cards, and has also been working on the "Wallaby Card" to replace an entire wallet with a single, "virtual" credit card which steers transactions automatically to the best card for a specific transaction.


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