Web On The Go Launches No-Contract, Mobile Internet Service

Web On The Go, a new, low cost mobile Internet provider backed by Los Angeles-based Telscape Communications, said this week that it has launched its services. The service said it will provide a low cost, mobile Internet service which costs $4.59 a month plus 3.5 cents per megabyte, allowing users to access the Internet via either a USB dongle or a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Telscape is a Los Angeles provider of telecom services. Web On The Go was developed along with Sage Telecom, another provider of local, long distance, high speed internet, and broadband services.

The new Web On The Go service joins other, local providers of mobile broadband only services, including FreedomPop--backed by DCM and Mangrove Capital--NetZero, and Internet On The Go. All of those services are looking to un-bundle wireless Internet from your phone bill, and instead offer cheap wireless access via both USB and wireless hotspot devices.