Websense Takes Aim At Time Wasting Viral Videos

San Diego-based Websense is taking aim at all of those time-wasting, viral videos your employees have been forwarding around, with its security software. The company said Thursday that it has released technology which help employers cut down on employees watching time-wasting viral videos and entertainment--while still allowing those employees to access other, useful content on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and other social sites.

The company said that its new software allows access to social and other websites--which can often be useful to organizations, and a part of employees' jobs--while more granularly filtering out time wasters like viral videos and entertainment content. Websense said its Websense TRITON product allow users to access educational videos, but will throttle or block viral videos and other entertainment content, depending on a company's policy and settings. The software also now more finely blocks specific actions on social networking sites--allowing adding friends, but blocking uploaded videos or photos on Facebook, or only allowing certain users to send tweets to Twitter. The new controls work on Websense TRITON, Websense Web Security Gateway and Websense Web Security Gateway Anywhere.


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