White House Targets Tech Training, Jobs In LA With TechHire

The White House has named Los Angeles as one of 21 communities around the nation which are part of a new technology job and training effort called TechHire, the administration announced Monday. According to President Obama, the new initiative will help to provide a "pathway to the middle class" for workers, by helping to train them to meet the needs for well paying technology jobs. The White House said that the effort in Los Angele is being led by a regional consortium called the Los Angeles High Impact Information Technology, Entertainment-Entrepreneurship, and Communication Hubs (LA HI-TECH), which is working at helping 4,000 high school and community college students to acquire the skills needed for education and employment in the high tech sector.

The consortium is led by Los Angeles City College, Santa Monica College, and Pasadena Community College, and also includes partnerships with the, Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce's Bixel-Exchange, Amazon Web Services, and JP Morgan Chase. The White House said the effort includes $100M in new Federal investments in the training area, which will also include helping to direct people to non-traditional "coding bootcamps" and other technical training.