X Prize Auctioning Off Zero Gravity Flight On eBay

Los Angeles-based X Prize Foundation, the group which manages a series of competition-based prizes aimed at advancing science and technology, said today that it is running an eBay auction for a zero gravity flight with Avatar producer and director James Cameron. According to the foundation, the fundraiser will allow guests to purchase seats next to Cameron, as well as other X Prize board members, on a ZERO-G Experience flight taking off from Van Nuys airport in October. The event might be one of the more unusual ways to network with technology moguls and other high profile individuals involved with the X Prize Foundation -- the foundation said that other confirmed individuals so far who will be on the flight are Jim Gianopulos, Chairman and CEO of Fox Films, and Tim Ferriss, the author of "The 4-Hour Workweek". The flight will be on a modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft, the G-FORCE ONE.


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