Xirrus Deploys In DC

Thousand Oaks-based Xirrus, the developer of Wi-Fi networking hardware, reported this week that it recently deployed its equipment in Washington D.C., at the U.S National Mall. According to Xirrus, its equipment is being used to enhance public safety during public events on the Mall, to wireless link high definition surveillance cameras for the U.S. Park Police. Xirrus said its Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi Kits were used to connect cameras on top of the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, as well as other locations, including at the recent Glenn Beck rally. Xirrus develops high bandwidth, high density wireless equipment which combine multiple Wi-Fi access points and switching into a single unit. The firm's Rapid Deployment Kits are targeted at first-responder, public venue, and disaster relief. Xirrus said those kits can be set up in five minutes to provide wireless access.


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