Xirrus Launches Switched Wireless LAN Company

Westlake Village-based Xirrus launched today, simultaneously launching a company and a line of products focused on the wireless LAN market. The new company, founded and funded by Xircom founder Dirk Gates, is focusing on the wireless LAN market and extending the range of Wi-Fi networks with a "Wireless LAN Array". The company's products provide a multi-channel, extended range combined wireless base station. The Xirrus WLAN Array combines 16 integrated Access Points, 802.11a/b/g supported, and a high gain directionalized antenna system. Gates founded and grew Xircom into a $500M provider of networking products, up to its acquisition by Intel in 2001. The company is headed by former Xircom execs Steven F. DeGennaro (CFO), Patrick Parker (Chief Development Officer), and Kirk Mathews (Chief Technologist).