Xirrus Revs Products, Sees Growth

Thousand Oaks-based Wi-Fi switch maker Xirrus said today that it has expanded its line of wireless products, and also moved its headquarters, in what it says is a result of "significant growth" at the firm. Xirrus has rolled out two new Wi-Fi arrays at the firm, including both a 12- radio and 24-radio Wi-Fi array, which the firm said are an expansion to its line, and will allow companies to use Wi-Fi as a replacement for switched Ethernet to the desktop. The firm's hardware is used to provide higher throughput and better coverage versus standard Wi-Fi access points. Separately, the firm said it was moving to a new headquarters location in Thousand Oaks due to growth; the firm cited the shipment of 100,000 of the firm's 802.11abg access points, 5,000+ 802.11abg+n access points, and a backlog of over 10,000 of the 802.11abg+n products. The company did not say what the shipment volumes translated into in terms of finances. Xirrus was founded by Dirk Gates, who founded PC modem card maker Xircom, which was acquired by Intel in 2001.


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