Yahoo Axes, an online service which was started in Los Angeles, and acquired by Yahoo in 2005, is shutting down, according to Yahoo in an announcement over the weekend. Taking a clue from Google, Yahoo has begun closing donw lesser used services owned and operated by the company, including a half dozen different services announced Friday, including Upcoming, Yahoo! Deals, SMS alerts, Yahoo Kids, and more. was a social calendaring application which let users post free listings about events coming up in an area; the company was acquired in October 2005 by Yahoo, and its founders moved to the Bay Area by Yahoo. The shutdown isn't the first by Yahoo of a startup originally created in Southern California; the firm notably has shut down such local onetime Internet high-flyers as Geocities (started in Santa Monica) and GoTo/Overture (Pasadena).'s founder posted a long diatribe on Yahoo's shutdown of his creation Friday.