YouMail Extends To Windows 8, Thanks To Third Party Developer

YouMail the provider of enhanced voicemail services and mobile apps, has a popular iPhone and Android application--but, like any other firm, has had to limit how many different platforms it ports its app to. So, how do get distribution of your services on other, not-as-popular platforms like Windows 8? YouMail appears to have cracked the code, by making its services available via an application programming interface. YouMail announced Tuesday that its services are now available as an app on Windows 8 -- thanks, not to its own team, but to a third party developer, MagikMail.

YouMail said that--due to having a small development team--it has had to limit the platforms it develops for, even dropping BlackBerry support from the app a year ago. However, in the meantime, the firm made an API available to third party developers, which resulted in an independent developer, Gilles Khouzam, building his own app to support YouMail on Windows phone.