YouMail Finds, Fixes Android Market Issue

Irvine-based YouMail is heading back to the Android Market, after the firm was suddenly dropped from the store Thursday in a tiff with T-Mobile. In a blog post to users, YouMail said that it indeed, did have a real problem with a number of its Android Applications, as a result of an error that occurred with users upgrading from one of its older versions to the latest, 2.0.45 version of the company's apps. YouMail said the error resulted in its app constantly polling its services, leading to bad battery life, network bandwidth issues, and more. YouMail also said that--despite a blog post to the contrary--that it had indeed been contacted by T-Mobile, albeit through an end user, free customer support e-mail address, and that the issue had not been escalated by the firm because it was unclear that the contact was an official communications from T-Mobile's team. YouMail said it expects an update which will restore the firm's app to the Android Market shortly, and also outlined a few "lessons learned" about the whole experience. Youmail offers up an enhanced voicemail application and service.


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