YouMail Looks To Purge Inactive Users

YouMail, the enhanced voicemail and voicemail application developer, is looking to purge out a backlog of inactive users, saying Tuesday that it has revised its terms of service to make it easier for the company to delete users who haven't used the service recently. According to YouMail, the new change in its terms will let it automatically delete inactive accounts--those accounts where users have not used one of its apps, log on to its web site, check voicemails or missed calls, or otherwise use its site in 90 days.

The firm said that inactive accounts will be deleted and all content removed, including saved voicemails, call history, greetings, contacts are more, once the change goes into effect. It appears the move comes as the firm has increasingly begun to focus on paying, business and consumer users of the site, and as it seeks to clamp down on freemium users who just haven't been converting to the user's full blown service. YouMail has been scaling back its freemium features since December, when it moved a number of its key features into its business edition product.

YouMail's voicemail services provide a number of convenient features, including personalized voicemail greetings depending on who is calling; transcription of voicemail; SMS notification of missed calls; and much more.


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