YouMail Upgrades Android App, Trumpets User Count

Irvine-based YouMail, which provides a cloud-based, replacement voicemail service packed with a number of big enhancements over the usual standard voicemail features, said today that it has just released a major upgrade of its Android app--and also released new customer numbers. The firm, which is headed by Alex Quilici, said the Android upgrade is available in Google Play, and now makes it much easier for users to assign personal greetings for their contacts. The new features make it a quick operation to specificially set a personal greeting for callers to your voicemail ("Hi mom!") via a menu option. Separately, YouMail said it has now interacted with over 75 million unique users, which it says is more than one third of the U.S. adult population. The firm did not say how many of those were actual, current users, and included people who had called and heard a greeting from a YouMail user, and those who heard or listened to a voicemail forwarded through Twitter or Facebook by a user. YouMail is venture backed by VantagePoint Capital Partners, the Tech Coast Angels, the Tech Coast Angels ACE Fund, Siemer Ventures, and CrunchFund. The firm's voicemail services work with any carrier, by forwarding users' calls to YouMail.


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